Hillary Clinton rallies around equal pay for women

By Kristen Vake DES MOINES, Iowa — Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton spoke to a packed gym at Grand View University in Des Moines this morning. One issue Clinton often focuses on is equal pay for women and today’s rally was no different.

Hillary Clinton advocates affordable education in college visit

Hillary Clinton speaking about affordable college

By Caroline Kenny DES MOINES, Iowa–Appealing to students worried about rising college costs, Hillary Clinton called Friday for student loan reform and urged state governments and university presidents to work together to lower tuition. Clinton criticized a proposal by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, her chief Democratic rival, that would provide free tuition at all public […]

Hillary Clinton supporters say Bill Clinton is an asset to her campaign (Video)

By Emiliana Molina DES MOINES, Iowa — Bill Clinton’s legacy as president has played a big role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, supporters said. Hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered at Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa Friday morning. Some supporters said Bill Clinton’s presidency helped catapult Hillary’s campaign.

Jeb Bush: I’m “more cerebral” and “better looking” than my brother

By Steve Musal CARROLL, Iowa — Jeb Bush, the son and brother of presidents, did not shy away from his famous family on Friday during a town hall event that drew an audience of about 150 people. “Frankly, I’m proud that my father was president of the United States and I’m proud that my brother […]

Brook Robinson: A Day in the Life of an Iowan

By Misha Euceph “I’m feeling the Bern. There’s the history that he has with the civil rights movement where he actually did march. And I didn’t appreciate Hillary’s pandering to voters. How she would change her logo to attract black voters or women voters. I get it, but I’d rather stand for your policies. If […]

Taniesha Kauten: A Day in the Life of an Iowan

By Misha Euceph “I remember growing up, my mom talking about it. I don’t think I really understood everything going on until the 2008 elections… When it was like Obama and the old guy… What was his name? Mc? McClain.” – Taniesha Kauten, University of Iowa student. She was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, […]

Bush talks national security, gridlock at Iowa ranch


By Max Greenwood CARROLL, Iowa — Jeb Bush talked national security and bridging the partisan divide in government Friday, blaming President Barack Obama for deepening gridlock and misusing executive authority. Speaking in a small banquet hall at Greasewood Flats Ranch here, the Republican former Florida governor painted a picture of the U.S. military as a […]

At Trump rally, a crowd of more than die-hard fans


By Max Greenwood DES MOINES, Iowa — When Donald Trump decided to skip Thursday night’s GOP debate, plenty of supporters showed up at his last-minute rally just three miles away. So did lots of other people, from the simply curious to the outright opposed. “I’m really just here to see the spectacle that is Donald […]

Trump event draws crowds, enthuses dedicated base

Trump speaking at boycott rally

By Caroline Kenny DES MOINES, Iowa — After a public battle with Fox News, Donald Trump took to his own stage at the same time as the Republican debate. The former reality TV host starred in a show all about him, with some fundraising for veterans thrown into the mix. Three miles down the road […]

Shooting woes plague Wildcats again in loss to Michigan State

By Adam Rossow Before every Northwestern home basketball game, DJ Steve Aoki’s dance anthem, “Turbulence,” plays in the moments leading up to the opening tip. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, the chorus’ opening line  “We hit turbulence” is a perfect way to describe their last two weeks of play. Northwestern was routed by No. 12 Michigan […]