Hillary Clinton supporters say Bill Clinton is an asset to her campaign (Video)

By Emiliana Molina

DES MOINES, Iowa — Bill Clinton’s legacy as president has played a big role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, supporters said.

Hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered at Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa Friday morning. Some supporters said Bill Clinton’s presidency helped catapult Hillary’s campaign.

[vimeo 153567411 w=474]

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“I thought her husband was the best president in modern times but we can’t repeal the 22nd amendment,” said Bill Shackelford, a Clinton supporter.

Hillary said even though her husband inherited “a recession, a quadrupling of national debt and an increase in the deficit from former Republican president,” George H.W. Bush, he still made it better at the end of eight years.

“23 million new jobs, incomes went up for everybody, not just people at the top, middle class families, working families, poor families. That’s what were supposed to be doing in America,” said Hillary.

Photo at top: Hillary Clinton supporters gathered at Grandview University. (Emiliana Molina/Medill)