Chicago rats — Are they friend or foe?

By Bian Elkhatib and Nikita Mandhani Chicago is getting rattier. There has been an increase in rat complaints, and the city blames the irresponsible attitude of citizens towards garbage disposal and dog feces. Chicago’s Bureau of Rodent Control is asking all residents to keep their garbage lids closed and to pick up after their dogs. […]

Chicago teens find confidants and confidence by putting pen to paper

By Elyse Samuels Chicago Public Library, along with several other sponsors, hosted Chi Teen Lit Fest in mid April. The first-ever event at the Harold Washington Library Center at Columbia College was planned by teenagers, who brainstormed and came up with a variety of workshops, panels and activities. The halls filled with teenagers discussing poetry, written narratives, […]

Korean War Veterans Join Honor Flight

By Patrick Martin, Brendan Hickey, Yunfei Zhao On April 13, Honor Flight Chicago took 101 veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials commemorating their service. The program was developed to fly World War II Veterans from around the country to their memorial. This is the first flight from Chicago to include veterans of the […]

Central Camera is stocked with film, lenses, and 117 years of history

By Kat Lonsdorf and Raquel Zaldivar Don Flesch greets every customer that comes into Central Camera Company with a cookie. He’ll list them all for you if you need help choosing one: oatmeal raisin, dried cherry, chocolate chip, vanilla. He’ll help you choose camera equipment the same way, making sure you know all your options […]