Cubs Fans Make Their Mark on Wrigley Field

Cubs fan Peggy Gibbons

By Nora Younkin It’s November in Chicago and fans gather tonight to watch the Cubs play in the final game of the World Series. The city is blanketed in white “W” flags, and bright blue caps dotted commuter’s heads during the morning rush hour on the Red Line. Small children and dogs alike have been […]

Chicago pediatrician ‘bears witness’ to atrocities in Syria

Kahler at Umayyad Mosque

By Maryam Saleh You would never guess that he was a stranger to Syria only three years ago. He speaks of Syria’s towns with familiarity, of its people with great fervor, of America’s need to do more with righteous indignation. He traveled to three countries to help Syrian refugees, and, at age 69, he risked […]

People with disabilities are being encouraged to report sexual violence

Our Rights Sign

By Pat Nabong When the whole world heard Donald Trump talk about grabbing a woman without consent in a 2005 tape, thousands responded with the #notokay hashtag. Tweets about how women were raped or sexually assaulted poured in, bringing rape culture to the forefront yet again. As more women seem to be speaking out about […]

Musicians from 17 countries honored black migration with OneBeat music tour

OneBeat Musicians

By Wen-Yee Lee To honor the 100-year anniversary of the Great Migration of African Americans to northern states, OneBeat followed the migration route, touring from New Orleans through Chattanooga to Chicago to present the world music they created. Every year, thousands of musicians apply for the 25 spots on OneBeat that represented 17 countries this […]

Artificial trees could offset carbon dioxide emissions


By Janice Cantieri Physicist and engineer Klaus Lackner makes artificial trees – but not the kind that decorate living rooms and lobbies. His artificial trees can capture carbon dioxide directly out of the air—and they’re 1,000 times more efficient than nature’s trees in doing so. Millions of the trees could eventually generate “negative carbon emissions,” […]

As Illinois students drown in debt, will elected officials come to the rescue?

Photo at top: Students and professors listen to Rep. Tammy Duckworth discuss the burden of student debt at a campaign event. (Emily Olsen/MEDILL)

By Emily Olsen and Meredith Francis When Kyle Walsh was 16, his dad sat him down and explained Kyle would be responsible for paying off his college loans, not him. Walsh, 20, is now student body president at Illinois State University, a second stop on his road to a degree. He first attended community college […]

Energy efficiency efforts in Chicago set to expand

LUCHA's home buyer workshop

By Yu-Ning Aileen Chuang Ramiro Amirez, 32, went to a workshop recently with his wife Olivia and their fourth baby. They are hoping to buy a new home within their budget. Although seeking a place with a decent price is important, saving money as much as they can is also crucial. That’s why energy efficiency […]

Transparent wood: A better window than door

By Mariah Quintanilla People have long used wood to build shelter, make furniture or stoke a campfire. The one thing we’ve never been able to do is see through it—until now. In two separate studies published this year, researchers from the University of Maryland and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden devised a […]

‘Shark Tank’ food contest fulfills hunger for locally produced food

Carrots grown at Growing Power's Milwaukee Farm

By Jordan Gaines Locally sourced food creates local jobs and creates smaller carbon footprint, which is better for the environment. So why is it that only 6 percent of food grown in Illinois consumed here? In a “Shark Tank”-style competition, a team composed of three food-based concerns won the right last week to solve that […]