Obama’s final days in office foreshadow service as civilian

Obama's final days in office foreshadow service as civilian

By Alex Whittler President Obama will hold his final news conference Wednesday, two days before President-Elect Donald Trump is sworn into office. The conference will likely be the last time Americans hear from the 44th president as a sitting commander in chief, although many view the events from his final days in office as examples […]

Chicagoan shares an experience and neighborly kinship with Barack Obama

Chicagoan shares an experience and neighborly kinship with Barack Obama

By Alexis Wainwright What many south side Chicagoans liked the most about Barack Obama is that he lived down the street: accessible, real and humble. Unlike presidents of the past he had a house on a city street, like most of us. South-side resident Shawntavia Brazil explains why she had to be a part of […]

Caesars Entertainment bankruptcy approved after two years in court

By Katherine Hyunjung Lee In what he described as a “monumental” case, Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Chicago approved on Tuesday the chapter 11 reorganization of Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, closing the $18 billion bankruptcy case that began two years ago. Caesars Entertainment Operating Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of […]

Economists upbeat on Trump economy

Crowd in room

By Karen Lentz and Yifang (Evonne) Liu The U.S. economy ended 2016 in a better place than it started, and despite some concerns, economists remain optimistic for continued positive results under the incoming Trump administration. A panel of financial experts shared their forecasts for the economy, the markets, interest rates and regulatory changes that are […]

Trump, Boeing CEO work to lower cost of Air Force One

An Air Force One plane parks at the airport. (Photo by Heads Up Aviation via Flickr)

By Shen Lu Boeing Co. will reduce the costs of an Air Force One upgrade, the company’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg said after a Tuesday meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in New York. The meeting was held at Trump’s request after he pressured the Chicago-based aerospace and defense company last month to lower prices on the […]

UnitedHealth profit increases 56 percent in fourth quarter

By Rachel Newman UnitedHealth Group Inc. reported a 56 percent increase in profit in the fourth quarter of 2016, driven by continued growth of its health services business and a nearly 16 percent increase in revenue from premiums. The Minnesota-based company reported a fourth quarter profit of $1.9 billion, or $1.96 diluted earnings per share, […]

Winter Bike Challenge: Chicago Cyclists Brave the Elements

By Kathleen McAuliffe Chicago bike commuters are braving icy roads and freezing temperatures as part of the Winter Bike Challenge, a two-week cycling initiative meant to increase winter bike commuting. During the third annual event, which is free through online registration, riders log their mileage from trips taken through Jan. 27. The Challenge, which will […]

Holiday shoppers went online-but not all of them

Sale items on display at Macy's

By Zhu Zhu With the ease of online shopping, there was no surprise that online sales, up 13.2 percent in December from the year-ago month, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, lifted total December retail sales by 4.3 percent. Passersby interviewed in downtown Chicago illustrate why.

Private treatment center fills void left by state budget cuts

Melvin at Above and Beyond on Jan. 10, 2017

By Cloee Cooper Melvin Daniels was recently released from his second stint in prison for unlawful use of a weapon. On a rainy January morning, he walked ten blocks from his halfway house in Garfield Park to join a couple dozen people, many of them recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. In a well-lit room, they talked […]

Obama’s supporters at famed barbershop say farewell

By Pat Nabong More than eight years after President Obama gave his first victory speech in Grant Park, Chicagoans in Hyde Park bid farewell to the president who used to live in their neighborhood. In Hyde Park Hair Salon, where President Obama has been getting his hair cut for more than 20 years, talk of […]