Out, but not in: Examining barriers to reentry

By Kaisha Young Medill Reports Approximately 11,000 people are released from Illinois prisons each year. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers, we take a look at the challenges returning citizens face when trying to reenter society. Photo at top: A man walks on the sidewalk outside Cook County Jail. (Kaisha Young/MEDILL)

International athletes face special challenges as seniors

By Fernando Shan Medill Reports Turning pro is the dream for student athletes. But many give up  that dream due to injuries, players say. “I don’t think professional tennis is a realistic goal. Tennis is going to end at college [graduation]. It’s time to move on,”said Rachel Le Comber, a senior on the UIC women’s […]

Sports Betting for the Sports Illiterate

By Nick Hennion Medill Reports Understand sports betting? Good. Neither did I. So in light of the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize sports gambling, I sought on some experts on the subject to examine where sports betting is right now, and where it’s going in the future. Photo at top: Bovada is one of […]

City Pop and the rise of Internet Music


By Daniel Viegas Medill Reports Music is never something created within a vacuum. Time and place are the cornerstones for the very essence of a musical genre. These, along with culture, identity, politics and society all formulate trends within the musical space. Yet, the world no longer quite holds the same boundaries it once did. […]

Concussions: Living in the Solution

By Chris Cadeau Medill Reports We know about concussion dangers, the arguments that have ensued and the threat it poses to modern sports. But what are concussion survivors doing to ensure the best quality of life possible? Join Medill Newsmakers as we explore a ‘day in the life’ of former NFL running back and Northwestern […]