Success is a two-way street, you never know who will walk by

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports It’s 30 minutes before kickoff and a man walks onto the field, stepping on each little section of grass the rain severely damaged throughout the week. Wearing a hoodie, a pair of large rectangular sunglasses hiding his eyes and a trimmed beard, David Clancy’s face is as tough to read […]

Her childhood disease fueled a young woman’s philanthropic initiative

Nadia Howse at her fundraising event, Fighters.

By Nadia Adams Medill Reports When she was a child, Nadia Howse was in and out of the hospital. She suffered from a rare childhood disease that affects mainly Asians and boys. She was neither, so it didn’t immediately occur to her doctors that it could be Kawasaki Disease. Luckily, because of her mother’s concern […]