Her childhood disease fueled a young woman’s philanthropic initiative

Nadia Howse at her fundraising event, Fighters.
Nadia Howse at her fundraising event, Fighters. (Nadia Adams/MEDILL)

By Nadia Adams
Medill Reports

When she was a child, Nadia Howse was in and out of the hospital. She suffered from a rare childhood disease that affects mainly Asians and boys. She was neither, so it didn’t immediately occur to her doctors that it could be Kawasaki Disease.

Luckily, because of her mother’s concern and teaching background, Nadia was able to be treated for the condition. And the experience sparked an idea to help others.

When she was 14, Nadia and her mother, Iris Reed, started Nadia’s Howse of Hope. The nonprofit organization brings educational supplies to children who stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. They also raise money to donate to hospitals to buy educational material for young patients.

In this video piece, Nadia and Iris discuss the story behind Nadia’s Howse of Hope.

Photo at top: Nadia Howse at her fundraising event, Fighters, on March 4, 2018. (Courtesy Nadia Howse)