Chicago enforces stricter driving while texting laws

By Nicole Croteau                                                                                                    Medill Reports                                                                                                            Starting in July of 2019 drivers using an electronic device, even just holding it, will be issued a moving violation rather than a ticket. The moving violation will be placed on the driver’s record and a fine will also be issued. Infractions that are made following the initial time will […]

Chicago News Report

By Nicole Croteau, Max Goodman, Tim Hackett, Shannon Longworth and Karleigh Stone Medill Reports This week on Chicago News Report, we discuss the Jewish community rallying to end ICE, the gun violence surrounding Independence Day weekend and the CTA finalizing plans for baby-on-board buttons that they hope to be adding to the L.

Gender identity and drag performance: A personal video essay

Abby Parmelee, Thomas Ilalaole and Maxine Herndon

By Thomas Ilalaole Medill Reports For each queer person, our experiences and identities are as different and unique as we are. And each of us has a story about how we came to be who we are. Abby Parmelee, Maxine Herndon and I all discovered our gender identities through the power and art of drag […]

Salon welcomes self-care healing to Chicago’s south side community

By Ebony JJ Curry Medill Reports Studies have shown that African Americans face more stressors than other groups, because of the adversities the community encounters. To counter that added stress, Haji Healing Salon promotes a life-enhancing way of living to one’s highest potential by being internally healthy. Born and raised in South Shore, Aya-Nikole Cook […]