Coping with quarantine: How a sport psychologist is helping student-athletes stay on track

By Allegra Zamore Medill Reports After the onset of COVID-19 student athletes were left mourning cancelled seasons. With their dreams put on hold, for many students the pandemic is taking its toll on their mental health. University of Virginia sport psychologist Jason Freeman has been working virtually with student-athletes to help them stay on track […]

With summer baseball in jeopardy, more than just games could be lost

By Dave Peck Medill Reports Imagine an internship, but for professional baseball hopefuls. That’s how many college baseball players approach playing for the Newport Gulls of the New England Collegiate Baseball League. With uncertainty surrounding this summer season, Newport may have no baseball for the first time in 20 years. For players and residents in […]

NU swimmers train for next season without a pool

By Yousef Nasser Medill Reports Last month, eleven members of the Northwestern Swimming and Diving Team qualified for the NCAA Championships. Shortly after learning of their achievement, the rug was pulled from underneath them, as COVID-19 forced the NCAA to cancel all winter and spring championships. Find out how the Northwestern Swimming and Diving team […]

Facebook group gathers thousands to protest Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order

By Bre’onna Richardson Medill Reports A group of Michigan residents are frustrated with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order. Protesters fear the restrictions violate their rights. They say the governor shouldn’t decide what they can and can’t do. Photo at top: Protestors at “Operation Gridlock” surrounding Michigan’s state capitol. (Robert Wiersema/Facebook)

Data accounting for prison COVID-19 cases projects 100,000 death increase

By Samone Blair Medill Reports The ACLU of Indiana released findings Wednesday stating that a new data model projects the national COVID-19 death toll could be 100,000 deaths higher than previously projected. “We are likely facing massive loss of life — both in Indiana jails and in our communities — if dramatic steps aren’t taken […]

NFL hopefuls still grinding amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Evan Brooks Medill Reports As the NFL draft begins tomorrow small school prospects Mason Gray and Kellon Taylor are extremely confident. They refuse to let a pandemic stop them from realizing their dreams. Photo at top: (Courtesy of Robert Morris Athletics)