Resilient Hockettes bounce back during COVID-19

Hockettes Junior

by Emily Little Medill Reports Synchronized skating is all about adjustments. It’s making tiny changes in response to the rhythm of other skaters so that all the choreography works together. This year, teams are making these adjustments on a much larger scale — a pandemic scale. When COVID-19 closed ice rinks in March, the Hockettes […]

Even most scientists don’t know that this famous climate theory is flawed, researchers say

By Caroline Catherman Medill Reports New research has found a big flaw in one of the most widely accepted theories about earth’s climate, Milutin Milankovitch’s century-old theory of ice ages. This evidence, which echoes past findings, means that some long-term climate predictions could be more inaccurate than scientists realize, the researchers said. But they worry […]