Argentinian designer turns fashion into environmental activism

Jesica Pullo Biotico

By Layan Dahhan and Esther Bower
Medill Reports

BUENOS AIRES — After visiting parts of Argentina that were full of pollution, Jesica Pullo, a designer based in Buenos Aires, decided to combine her passions for fashion and the environment to create Project Biotico, a sustainable fashion company. Pullo uses recyclable materials — like potato chip and cookie bags — to make clothes, purses and other fashion accessories.

Pullo believes the material used is an important part of sustainable fashion, but she doesn’t stop there. She says the design process is not truly sustainable unless there are economic and social benefits as well as environmental ones. She says the biggest question to ask is “Who makes my clothes?” And for Biotico, the answer is workers from ALPAD, an organization that hires people with intellectual disabilities to do various jobs.

Photo at top: Argentinian designer Jesica Pullo makes a wedding dress out of recycled milk bags for her sustainable fashion company, Biotico (Esther Bower, Layan Dahhan/MEDILL).