Shopping Cart Race Aims to Alleviate Hunger from the Streets of Chicago

Rick and Morty

By Abhinanda Datta Hundreds of people gathered on West Hubbard Street on Saturday to witness CHIditarod – a volunteer-driven epic shopping cart race organized by the CHIditarod Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to solve Chicago’s hunger challenges. The event started 12 years ago and each year has seen more than 100 teams participating to collect […]

Canine doctor says dogs are capable of feeling complex emotions

Dog Friendship Talk

By Abhinanda Datta Dogs are capable of forming friendships, and they have remarkable social and cognitive abilities, along with the mental capacity to keep track of several different social partners and behave differently with each one depending on their age and sex,  Becky Trisko, Ph.D., said.  Trisko said that when she started working on her […]

A Woman’s Passion for Reading Fosters Meaningful Rhetoric

Diane Scholten's passion for reading

By Abhinanda Datta The Trump presidency has ignited a will to lessen shared feelings of hatred and fear, but a 68-year-old retired IT project manager is using her passion for books to create an environment of bias-free rhetoric. Diane Scholten’s brainchild, The Progressive Book Club, was designed for people who are passionate about social justice […]

American culture not totally shocking to India’s millennial women

Akshita Gupta

By Abhinanda Datta A steady diet comprising American pop culture and the gradual infiltration of western practices into the traditional ways, have rendered millennial women coming to the U.S. from India partially immune to the effects of westernization. Sneha Srinatha, a graduate student at the University of Chicago, said that westernization has been a slow […]

Female empowerment shines through South Asian mythology

Depiction of Women Empowerment

By Abhinanda Datta As women marched on the streets in the thousands to unite against Donald Trump’s presidency, MANDALA ,an organization for South Asian Performing Arts, recently depicted women empowerment through dance performances. “Conversations with Devi” portrayed the endless facets of womanhood and her role in society. Bharata Natyam, a dance form indigenous to South […]

Trump Protesters React To A Pence Presidency With Mixed Reaction

Hundreds gathered to protest Trump's presidency

By Abhinanda Datta The people who took to the streets on Friday, to protest against the president- elect’s inauguration, are hoping for and simultaneously dreading an impeachment – considering Vice President Mike Pence the lesser of the two evils. “Donald Trump has definitely got to go. His comments on grabbing women should have disqualified him, […]

Art Brings Community Together in the Wake of Trump’s Inauguration

Community Building Through Art

By Abhinanda Datta and Manasi Kaushik The room echoed with the laughter of little children and nervous chatters infused with a sense of anticipatory excitement, despite the ominous pall that shrouded the country in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Members of the Pilsen community gathered recently at the Providence of God Church on Friday […]