Female empowerment shines through South Asian mythology

Depiction of Women Empowerment
Depiction of women empowerment through Bharata Natyam (Abhinanda Datta/MEDILL)

By Abhinanda Datta

As women marched on the streets in the thousands to unite against Donald Trump’s presidency, MANDALA ,an organization for South Asian Performing Arts, recently depicted women empowerment through dance performances.

“Conversations with Devi” portrayed the endless facets of womanhood and her role in society. Bharata Natyam, a dance form indigenous to South India was used to relay tales deeply rooted in South Asian mythology. Each of the three tales – Mahisha Asura Mardhani, Varaha and Bhasma Asura – is defined by the Asura’s (demon’s) greed for power and his subsequent defeat at the hands of the Devi (goddess).


Photo at top: Depiction of women empowerment through Bharata Natyam.(Abhinanda Datta/MEDILL)