Then and now: The legacy of Bantu education in South Africa

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports For most of the twentieth century, South Africa functioned under the system of apartheid, a system that segregated South African peoples in every aspect of life, privileging whiteness above all. Through a series of laws, apartheid created deep economic disparities,  immense political disenfranchisement and social divides with rippling effects across […]

Environmental racism and the fight against it

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports Environmental justice and food justice may seem mutually exclusive. But the two go hand in hand. In Cook County, one in seven people are food insecure. That means nearly 750,000 children and adults in the county go hungry during parts of the year and often lack access to nutritious foods, […]

Upcycling meets charity at Mount Sinai Resale Shop

thrift, clothes

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports After the hip hop song “Thrift Shop” hit the mainstream, the idea of thrifting and upcycling became edgy and avant garde, marking a shift in the paradigm surrounding eco-fashion and the demographic at local thrift stores. Mount Sinai Resale Shop, 2902 N. Clark St., has a large stock of vintage […]

Windy City Harvest takes elitism out of urban farming and fresh produce

Melanie, chef, farmer

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports The modern farmer is changing fast, with the terrain for food production and urban farming at the center of this transition. Urban farming can mean produce gardens in backyards, rooftops and assigned city land plots as well as farming systems such as aquaponics, an agricultural approach where fish wastes nourish […]

Star Farm Chicago makes urban agriculture accessible, inclusive and healing

food, produce, organic, garden

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports Back of the Yards-based urban garden Star Farm Chicago grows produce for the surrounding multicultural community and organizers pride themselves on defying the traditional mold of food and health. “We wanted to tap into the hidden strength of the community,” said Star Farm Chicago founder Stephanie Dunn.

Inspiration Corp. tackles food insecurity: ‘We need to give a damn’

Inspiration Corp

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports Take a two-minute walk around the corner from the Wilson Red Line station to find Inspiration Corp., a non-profit organization waging war on food insecurity and hunger in Chicago as it has since 1989. In Cook Country, one in seven people are food insecure, meaning that they are vulnerable to […]

KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation Honors MLK with 11th Food Justice and Sustainability Weekend

environment, food, sustainability

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports The Hyde Park temple KAM Isaiah Israel has hosted the MLK Food Justice and Sustainability weekend to honor the achievements of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., for the last 11 years. The event focuses on environmental and food security issues and brings together environmentalists, food experts, scientists and activists. […]