Chicago singer’s rising stardom

By Caley Chelios Johari Noelle is an ambitious Chicago singer who’s talent caught the eyes of many, including a former Destiny’s Child member. She has exciting plans for this summer, starting with an extended play album she’s releasing about her own experiences from her role in BET’s Chasing Destiny, and her efforts finding success as […]

Former football player wrestles his way through more than just his opponents

By Caley Chelios Former Northwestern football player Jack Schwaba, is on the road to wrestling superstardom. He’s traveling around the country performing at various venues including Northwestern’s own Wrestlepocalypse. Schwaba is a maniac in the ring, tearing down his opponents under his stage alias, Jack Sheridan- a country-club rich-kid with no regrets. But his early […]

Here’s why you need to pay attention to rising water levels in Lake Michigan

By Caley Chelios Lake Michigan’s water levels have risen significantly since hitting an all-time low two years ago. Levels are three feet higher than they were in January 2013. The resurgence of water has had a positive effect on commercial shipping, recreational boaters and our ecosystems. However, not all the effects have been positive. The […]

Solar powered food truck hits the streets of Chicago

By Caley Chelios Mobile solar powered pizza is on its way to the streets of Chicago. Marcello’s A Father and Son restaurant, one of Chicago’s oldest pizzarias, is bringing their famous pizzas to Chicago summer festivals and events. A Father and Son owner Billy Bauer and his son Zac created a solar powered food truck […]

NFL greats reunite in style on the red carpet

By Caley Chelios and Nicole Sedivy The red carpet at the NFL Draft turned into a Walk of Fame on Friday night. Hall of Famers and NFL legends strolled down the red carpet on their way into Auditorium Theatre to announce the picks of the third round of the draft. Many of these former players […]

Chicago fans at Soldier Field welcome Leonard Floyd

By Caley Chelios Chicago Bears fans came out to Soldier Field in full force to welcome their new draft pick outside linebacker from Georgia Leonard Floyd. The Bears traded up from pick eleven to pick number nine to land Floyd. Fans at the draft party are excited the Bears are building their defense, and hopeful […]

Wrigley Field racing to add the finishing touches before opening day

By Caley Chelios It’s that time of the year again! Cubs opening day is right around the corner, but the big question is, will Wrigley Field be ready on time? Construction crews are working tirelessly inside and outside the stadium to make sure everything is ready to go for fans to enjoy the big game […]