Food industry looks to import eggs as bird flu spreads, prices spike

By Traci Badalucco and Christina Bucciere The egg product industry is feeling the effect of the biggest avian flu outbreak in U.S. history more than consumers, so far, as the virus has infected more than 35 million egg-laying hens across the country. The wholesale price of a dozen large eggs nearly doubled since the beginning […]

As bird flu spreads, Illinois zoos take action

By Traci Badalucco and Christina Bucciere Illinois zoos are taking measures to protect their flocks from potential avian flu infection as the virus wipes out millions of hens across the Midwest. Illinois, which neighbors Iowa where 27 million birds have caught the virus, is on alert for signs of avian flu. That includes keeping an […]

PTSD risk from intensive care rivals levels found post-combat

By Christina Bucciere At just 37 years old, David Jones keeps an advanced healthcare directive in his briefcase at all times. Should he be admitted to the intensive care unit, or ICU, again the Chicago legal executive wants to make sure his life support choices are known. After surviving a near-fatal case of pancreatitis and […]

Boston bombings highlight lasting effects of anniversary trauma

By Christina Bucciere New York writer Christine Skopec ran her first Boston Marathon the year after the bombs exploded. Instead of a day shrouded in grief, though, Skopec, 26, found herself joining thousands of other runners and cheering fans for a day-long celebration of community. “The general atmosphere was jubilant,” Skopec said. “Everyone was really […]

Morgellons: Straddling the gap between mental and physical illness


By Christina Bucciere Sarah Victor doesn’t bother going to doctors anymore. Victor, a 49-year-old restaurant manager from Bucktown, says she’s been told for years that her illness is all in her head, and that she is causing the pain herself. Now, she prefers to cope in her own way.

Mayoral candidates chase votes ahead of polls closing

By Christina Bucciere Chicago’s runoff mayoral contenders hit the campaign trail for the last time early Tuesday morning to garner last-minute support. They each shared confident thumbs up and generic good-natured banter with voters and media as they both predicted victory. Mayor Rahm Emanuel faces Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, the top two contenders after each […]