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Ricketts v. Rooftops: A breakdown of Wrigley rooftop ownership

By Hannah Beery

In the six years since the Ricketts family acquired 95 percent of the Cubs and Wrigley Field, the battle for surrounding outfield rooftop ownership has rarely ceased and the turmoil continues.

One rooftop owner was indicted in March for underreporting attendance and revenue figures to state and local taxing authorities, as well as submitting false attendance figures to the Cubs. The federal case is expected to go to trial in the beginning of 2016. Continue reading

Honda knocks ‘Sox’ off Chicago for 30 years as South Side announcer

By Hannah Beery

Thirty years ago, Eugene “Gene” Honda walked through the gates at Comiskey Park in hopes of a job with the South Side baseball team. At the stadium’s second-level offices, Honda watched as a security official glanced at him, then turned to a colleague and whispered, “You’re not going to believe what the new [public address] announcer looks like.”

Honda smiled and then proceeded to make his way through the White Sox front office, where every person lifted their head above their cubicles to get a glance at the new Japanese-American PA announcer, he recalled. Continue reading

@POTUS takes Twitter world by storm, omits @Cubs

By Hannah Beery

The most famous Sox fan did the Cubs a favor this week.

President Obama’s conspicuous Twitter non-follow of the team Monday has led to about 1,000 new Cubs followers and given ticket sales a boost since then, according to vice president of communications Julian Green.

The Commander-in-Chief (@POTUS) cracked a few jokes earlier this week on the social media site not long after he joined with a new personal account. The first friendly dig was a joke at President Bill Clinton. Continue reading

Fairdale residents look to rebuild; White Sox donate to relief

By Hannah Beery

Tornado survivor Tom Marston saw his small farm town of Fairdale, Illinois demolished by an EF-4 tornado last month.

“If you had seen what I’d seen, we’re lucky to be alive, ” he said this week.

Now, he and other residents of the town 80 miles west of Chicago have finished the cleanup stage and have begun the daunting rebuilding process.

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Two steps forward, three steps back: NFL teams choose talent over troubled pasts

By Hannah Beery

Despite the NFL’s efforts to clean up its image, the 2015 draft revealed a troubling trend as teams continued to select players with allegedly violent pasts.

More troubling, however, said domestic violence experts and observers, was that the extensive vetting process employed by prospective teams failed to include the alleged victims of three high-profile draft picks.

“There are ramifications when you take on this kind of risk and they darn well should have been aware of everything that would go with it,” said columnist Gary Shelton about the Buccaneers ‘ selection of Jameis Winston. “I was deeply disturbed that [the team] did not talk to Erica Kinsman at any point in their process because ‘We knew what she would say from the reports.’ I think you cover all bases.”

Kinsman accused Winston, former Florida State quarterback and the NFL’s No. 1 overall pick, of rape in 2013. No criminal charges were filed and Winston was cleared again at a university conduct policy hearing late last year. She has since filed a civil suit, which Winston countered. Continue reading

Cubs fans donate to Illinois tornado relief

By Hannah Beery

Lisa LaSala sat in the Kirkland Fire Department Tuesday, temporary home of the American Red Cross, and thought about the next steps for tornado relief in nearby Fairdale and Rochelle.

But cleaning up home base when putting back together a community torn apart by a tornado means more than brushing off the dirt. And this caused LaSala, executive director of the American Red Cross of Northwest, to ask for something that is hard to come by these days.

“A miracle,” she said.

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VIDEO: Local artist adds color to Garcia campaign

By Avinash Chak

Unsolicited images supporting Jesus “Chuy” Garcia began to appear in public places in February from local artists. In reaction, Garcia’s campaign asked Chicagoans to submit Chuy-inspired art for campaign purposes.

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VIDEO: Aldermanic candidate Rafael Lopez promises change to 15th Ward

By Isabella Szabolcs

Eighteen of Chicago’s 50 wards have runoff elections for alderman.

The predominately Hispanic 15th ward has two Hispanic candidate’s running for aldermanic positions.  One candidate, Rafael Lopez, is promising to bring needed changes to the ward.

Isabella Szabolcs has more on the story.

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VIDEO: The evolution of the Chicago runoff

By Andrew Fowler

Even though Chicagoans have never experienced a mayoral runoff, they are no strangers to aldermanic runoff elections.

Medill Report’s Andrew Fowler has more.

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