Meet some of Trump’s supporters

By Xiumei Dong and Jack Adams On March 11, Trump supporters from across the Chicago area gathered to see their candidate at the UIC pavilion. But they were disappointed. Protesters managed to shut down the rally, causing enough chaos for Trump to cancel his appearance. Before that happened, we spoke to a few Trump fans […]

Naloxone legal in Illinois, Congressman tries to make it nation wide

By Jack Adams In 2008, Jody Daitchman walked into the room of her son, Alex Laliberte, and found him lifeless. He had overdosed on prescription painkillers. “It’s an experience like no other,” Daitchman said, ”not like your 90-year- old grandmother dying, who’s lived a full life. This was a 20-year-old with his life ahead of […]

Meth continues to plague rural Illinois

By Jack Adams Methamphetamine use made up about 2 percent of drug treatment episodes in Illinois in 2012, surpassed by substances like heroin, alcohol and marijuana, according to a report by the Roosevelt Consortium on Drug Policy. Still, the number of Meth lab incidents in Illinois increased by 53 percent between 2010 and 2014, according […]

Marijuana testing lab left high and dry

By Jack Adams In 2015, David So received the license he needed to open ICR Labs to test medical cannabis to comply with FDA guidelines. ICR Labs was the first marijuana-testing lab to be authorized for a license in Illinois. Before he opened for business and began testing recently legalized medical marijuana, So realized that […]

The making of a heroin addict

By Jack Adams Gary, who chose to hide his identity to protect his business, said some people get a headache when they take Advil. But for Gary, “Heroin was my Advil.” When Gary was 19, he was offered the painkiller Oxycontin by a friend’s brother. But it wasn’t Oxycontin. It was heroin. Gary didn’t like […]

Suburbs Grapple with Heroin Epidemic

By Jack Adams PJ Newberg’s daughter, Paula Nixon, tried to refuse the heroin her boyfriend offered her, but eventually she gave in, becoming a heroin addict at 16. (Heroin) is just a f***ing nightmare, that’s what it is. It steals your soul,” Newberg said. “I don’t recognize my kid.” Nixon has been in and out […]

Chicago Police still don’t have overdose reversing Naloxone

By Jack Adams Cook County Police Chief John Roberts’ son died of a heroin overdose in 2009, and ever since then he’s been saving other heroin addicts from the same fate. “All my life I’ve been trained to first and foremost save lives,” said Roberts. After his son’s death, Roberts said he went through a […]