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VIDEO: Victory for Rahm, voter questions: Electioncast 2015

In our last electioncast, we wrap up the mayoral candidates’ post-election events as Mayor Emmanuel celebrates his victory, look into concerns over voter fraud, and recap the voters’ most important issues.

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Video: Underdogs, Money, and Making Art: Medill Reports’ Electioncast 2015

In Medill News Service’s Election 2015 video team’s second update, Abigail Hodgson and Kira Boyd tell us about underdogs, campaign spending and how Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has inspired the creative community throughout Chicago.

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VIDEO: Voters split on controversial debate question to Garcia

By Amina Ismail

In last week’s debate, the moderator questioned candidate Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia about how he would deal with violence as his own son was once connected to the Chicago gang scene. The question was met with boos from the audience and Mayor Rahm Emanuel came to his opponents defense noting that the line of questioning was unfair.

The issue of whether the question should have been asked in the first place has Chicagoans split.

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Green restaurants: Serving up sustainability and savings

By Jasmine Sanborn

Businesses like Piece Brewery and Pizzeria and its sister restaurant, Brobagel, serve up mainstay menus in Wicker Park as they have for 13 years. Environmental sustainability is another cornerstone built into the business model.

“The main thing, we already had built in [is] we brew our own beer. There is less distribution and we cut carbon there. Our spent grain goes to urban farmers or anyone else who asks. It gets used to make some of our bagels next door,” said Eric Fritzsche, 33, general manager. “We try to make sure everything we do is local and clean.” Continue reading

VIDEO: Medill ElectionCast — Vote counts, parties and a mayoral runoff

Medill News Service’s Election 2015 broadcast team brings you a roundup of election evening’s most important coverage, including the first runoff in the city’s history, odd polling places and a social media rundown featuring Chicago’s latest polling chatter.

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VIDEO: Medill Reports ElectionCast

Medill News Service’s Election 2015 video team brings you a roundup of the day’s most important coverage, exploring early morning voter delays, Chinatown’s low voter engagement and a social media rundown of what people are talking about around Chicago.

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Beating the beetle: Giving ash trees a second life

By Jasmine Sanborn

“Treecycling” is giving a second life to tens of millions of ash trees attacked by one small but powerful beetle.

Instead of chipping fallen ash trees into mulch or chopping them into firewood, groups such as the Illinois Wood Utilization team are promoting a practical approach – “even when you can’t save your tree, you can save its wood.” Continue reading