Cuban entrepreneurs shatter glass ceilings

By Katanga Johnson HAVANA, Cuba — Neatly laid out across a wooden table, the crepe-papered outline of a multi-colored mosaic serves as the legend for what Irena Martínez and Adriana de la Nuez have nearly completed designing: a stained-glass window depicting a bird–the Cuban trogon. Across the latitude of its 11-inch frame, the tropical island’s […]

Christian students offer their perspective on the presidential election

By Katanga Johnson In the 2016 presidential election, young people supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a margin of 55% to 37%. In 2012, President Obama won an even larger margin, with 60% of the youth vote. As a reliably blue state, Illinois had similar numbers of young voters in favor of Secretary Clinton. But […]

Can’t vote? Next step: become a citizen

Rodrigo Vences, employee at the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Chicago, explaining citizenship process with prospective applicant.

By Katanga Johnson [An earlier version of this story ran election night on Medill Reports.] As more than one hundred million Americans cast their ballots on Nov. 8, thousands of hopefuls prepared themselves for the next election. But first they need to become American citizens. Rodrigo Vences, employee at the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in […]