Softest, squarest alpacas win ribbons at Wisconsin festival

By Manasi Kaushik For an alpaca to win the WI Alpaca & Fiber Fest competition, it has to be square-shaped. Judges are looking at the body structure and proportions, in addition to the softness of the fleece. “The best alpaca is one that just has a really nice feel to it,” said Vicky Telesko, owner of […]

Brew Bike: First ever student-run coffee business at Northwestern University

By Manasi Kaushik & Michael Davis A 19-year-old sophomore-entrepreneur, Lucas Philips, has founded the first ever student-run coffee business – Brew Bike – on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus. The business started primarily as a bike operation, where Philips and his friends sold cold brew on a tricycle on “good weather days”, but with its recent […]

Signs in Chicago’s pedway fail to point the way

By Manasi Kaushik Often reported on, hardly acted upon. That is the status of Chicago’s pedway system. Though the pedway is essential to Chicago as it provides shelter to daily commuters from harsh weather, it’s easy to lose one’s way in this vast underground maze. The Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic, Blair Kamin, blames the pedway’s […]

Opening Night of Chicago’s Flamenco Festival

By Manasi Kaushik The opening night of Chicago’s month-long flamenco festival, Friday at Instituto Cervantes, was marked by an hour long performance by the Spanish danseuse, Anabel Veloso from Seville. Veloso, who did a sequence of tientos tangos, solea and alegrias, enraptured the audience with her fluid, effortless and graceful movements and received a standing […]

Tiny horses assist in crucial therapy

By Manasi Kaushik Jodie Diegel, a 50-year-old nurse at Rush Medical Center, talks about the power of animal therapy, which surpasses the healing effect of her nursing. Diegel is the founder and president of Mane in Heaven, a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic benefits to disabled and able-bodied children and adults through therapy with miniature […]

Hundreds protest Trump’s stance on deportation as he assumes presidency

By Manasi Kaushik Hundreds gathered at the Daley Plaza on a  Friday afternoon to express their disappointment and anger as President Donald Trump was sworn into office. “I came out here to tell Donald Trump that I don’t support his allegations about immigrants and am against mass incarcerations,” said Daysha Delvalle, a senior at Crane […]