Creative. Energetic. Talkative. Narcoleptic?

By Priyam Vora “It was what everybody jokes about when somebody falls asleep somewhere in a chair at a holiday party like you know ‘Oh you must be narcoleptic,” said Regis Watson, Annie’s mother. “I mean it was always a joke.” Annie was diagnosed with narcolepsy when she was 6 years old, a long painful […]

Eating disorders can eat away your body

By Priyam Vora Eating disorders take an enormous toll on your body – not only draining weight but impacting the bones, heart and other organs.  Between 5 to 20 percent of people who develop the disease eventually die from it, according to WebMD.

Boys suffer from eating disorders too

By Priyam Vora “The first time I made myself throw up was at age 14. It was a Sunday night and my family was in the living room watching television. I sat in my room with a carton of sugar-free chocolate ice cream and a spoon, shoveling every drip of the quickly melting ice cream […]

The Road to recovery: mom and daughter bond to defeat eating disorder

(Photo credit: Flickr/ Charlotte Astrid)

By Priyam Vora “I just wanted to look pretty. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to be thin.” These are 26-years-old Ashley Ice’s words when she speaks about the eating disorder that she battled for six long years.  And she was thin – so thin that her young heart was failing.

Roll up your sleeve: Adults may need a measles vaccine too

By Priyam Vora While the focus surrounding the current measles outbreak is on children, adults may need a measles vaccination too. THIS JUST IN The Illinois Department of Public Health and the Cook County Department of Public Health confirmed Thursday that two children in a KinderCare Learning Center in Palatine have tested positive for measles. Both children […]

Smartphones can cut your kid’s sleep, layer on the pounds

By Priyam Vora Sleepy kids may have a hard time hitting the basketball court or focusing on their homework. And the source of their problems may radiate from the digital world of their smartphones! Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston recently reported that the “blue light” glow from using smartphones and other electronic devices too […]

Why the flu vaccines are less effective this winter

Flu timeline

By Priyam Vora The flu has claimed the lives of 54 children in U.S. so far in one of the worst flu seasons on record, experts say. A major reason for the severity of the 2014-2015 season is because the vaccine has become only 23 percent effective, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). […]