Respect brings home care to the 21st century

By Rachel Newman Ross Kimbarovsky’s elderly grandfather was living independently in his Chicago home when he developed a rare form of cancer. Kimbarovsky and his mother were his grandfather’s primary caretakers, but as his condition worsened, it was clear that they couldn’t do it alone. Their hope quickly turned to frustration when they turned to […]

Binge drinking rises, with heavy toll in Illinois

By Rachel Newman University of Illinois alum Erin McPartlin, 26, wasn’t surprised when she learned that a student had died during the university’s annual “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day.” Held on the first Friday of March, the holiday revolves around day-long binge drinking, and many students don’t know their limits, McPartlin said. “Freshman year and on, […]

Coffee, tea or kitty? In Tokyo you can have all three

By Rachel Newman We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at Starbucks, sipping a latte, and you think to yourself, “Man, what I wouldn’t give to pet a cat right now.” Ok, so maybe most of us haven’t had that thought. But for those who would love to start off the day with a cat-puccino, Japan […]

Drug price reform, biosimilars threaten AbbVie

By Rachel Newman North Chicago, Ill.-based pharmaceutical company AbbVie, Inc. is feeling the heat as drug pricing reform and competitive pressures threaten to undercut the sales of its blockbuster drug Humira. Sales of Humira, an immunosuppressant used to treat autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis and Crohn’s disease, accounted for nearly 63 percent of the company’s […]

Higher gas prices bolster January retail sales

By Rachel Newman Seasonally adjusted U.S. retail sales rose 0.4 percent in January, the Commerce Department reported, beating Wall Street expectations by 0.3 percent. Sales rose across all categories, with strong sales at gas stations leading the way. Gas station sales rose 2.3 percent, driven by higher gas prices. Consumers experienced a 7.8 percent increase […]

Eli Lilly stock jumps after fourth quarter earnings release

By Rachel Newman Eli Lilly and Co. stock jumped more than 3 percent as the company reported a 61 percent increase in fourth quarter earnings Tuesday. Shares of Eli Lilly were trading at $77.02 at the close of trading on Tuesday, up 3.1 percent. The Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company reported a fourth quarter profit of $771.8 […]

Abbott Labs fourth quarter earnings show faltering nutrition business

By Rachel Newman Abbott Laboratories, Inc. reported an almost 4 percent increase in profit, driven by strength in its diagnostics and medical device businesses that offset falling sales in its nutrition business. The company’s nutrition business, which includes baby formula Similac and other beverages for children and adults, struggled in the fourth quarter, posting a […]

Can fitness tracking devices lower your health care costs?

By Rachel Newman Greg Madden isn’t the man he used to be. In 2016, the 23-year-old Homewood, Ill., resident embarked on a fitness journey that would turn him into the kind of “health nut” he once mocked. Since June, he’s lost 75 pounds, down from a high of 280. Madden credits his success to a […]

UnitedHealth profit increases 56 percent in fourth quarter

By Rachel Newman UnitedHealth Group Inc. reported a 56 percent increase in profit in the fourth quarter of 2016, driven by continued growth of its health services business and a nearly 16 percent increase in revenue from premiums. The Minnesota-based company reported a fourth quarter profit of $1.9 billion, or $1.96 diluted earnings per share, […]

Health care stocks drop after Trump criticizes drug industry

Bipartisan support for combatting the rising cost of prescription drugs has challenged the pharmaceutical industry.

By Rachel Newman Health care stocks tumbled Wednesday after President-elect Donald Trump unexpectedly slammed the pharmaceutical industry in his first press conference since Election Day. North Chicago-based AbbVie Inc. was down 3.61 percent at the close of stock trading Wednesday, while the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index fell 2.96 percent, up from its low point of 3.79 […]