Medill Newsmakers: Dealing with autism in a Covid-19 Pandemic

By: Rodricka Taylor Medill Reports Medill Newsmakers is a series of broadcasts dedicated to taking an in-depth look at a single topic. Each broadcast features the newsmakers in Chicago and elsewhere who are at the forefront of these issues. Rodricka Taylor is a video and broadcast reporter at Medill. You can follow her on Twitter […]

Legacy of King and Black history highlighted in virtual event

By Rodricka Taylor Medill Reports Lively original works by the Rebirth Poetry Ensemble and the performance duo In the Spirit highlighted the continuing celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at an Art Institute of Chicago event. The Art Institute has celebrated King Day and Black History Month for years. Due to the pandemic, the […]

READI Chicago and other organizations join together to give back to community

By Rodricka Taylor Medill Reports READI Chicago, an organization with programs to counter gun violence, partners with “God Is Pleased” Outreach to distribute food, water, and clothes to the homeless and others in need every third Saturday, with upcoming events scheduled for Feb.20, March 20, and April 17 at 63rd Street and S. Vernon Avenue […]

Black Lives Matter Women of Faith marchers want Dart and Catanzara out

By Rodricka Taylor Medill Reports The Black Lives Matter Women of Faith group gathered at the Federal Plaza in Chicago for a unity rally with other organizations and protestors. They’re demanding the removal of law enforcement officials, including Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and John Catanzara, head of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police. With President […]