Female politicians are struggling, but could succeed with more faith from voters

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports In 2020, more women hold positions in U.S. political office than ever before. Survey data reveals that 69% of adults believe female political leaders would improve the quality of life for most Americans. The public sees benefit to female leadership, but struggles to convey that faith in the voting booth. […]

Special deployment of border patrol agents are targeting sanctuary cities

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports After thwarted efforts by the Trump administration to assert federal authority over the country’s multiple sanctuary cities, President Donald Trump successfully began deploying special border patrol agents across the country in a targeted effort meant to supplement local Immigration and Customs Enforcement field teams. According to The New York Times’ […]

Kim Foxx maintains her ‘tough on crime’ message, avoiding more controversy

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports As she navigates a highly politicized reelection campaign, Kim Foxx appeared at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics Seminar in February ready to discuss her office’s work thus far and why she’s equipped to take on four more years as Cook County’s State’s Attorney. “As a proud Chicago resident, […]

Haymarket Center fights against NuMed West Loop dispensary proposal

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports Community groups hit NuMed Chicago with fierce opposition to its recreational marijuana dispensary proposal for Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The proposed dispensary would open at 935 W. Randolph St., on the same block as the city’s longest standing addiction treatment facility, Haymarket Center. “Having a dispensary located next door to […]

Biden flocks to South Carolina after early primary losses

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports As the depth of his fifth-place finish in New Hampshire became clear, Joe Biden arrived in South Carolina on Tuesday night in an effort to salvage his weakening presidential campaign. Introduced by his wife, Jill Biden, and his campaign co-chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), the former vice president enthusiastically greeted […]

Fourth annual Women’s March Chicago rallies thousands of supporters

Women's March 2020

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports Thousands of people gathered in Grant Park on Saturday to march for climate change solutions, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights and getting out the vote, issues highlighted at the annual Women’s March since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. Women’s March Chicago organized the event and estimated that 10,000 people […]

Illinois hit hard amid nationwide e-cigarette and vaping lung injuries

SmokepostCBD inventory close up

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports Some 2,602 hospitalizations and 57 deaths nationwide are now associated with e-cigarettes and vaping since the outbreak began in summer 2019, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this month in a status update. The CDC also revealed Illinois has some of the highest concentration of e-cigarette and […]

Bill Weld positions his GOP presidential run as a moderate alternative to Trump

Rep Bill Weld

By Shirin Ali Medill Reports Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld, former Massachusetts governor, discussed his run for the presidency at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. His free-wheeling talk Jan. 27 covered the uphill battle campaigning against an incumbent, his support for impeachment and the bleak future he sees for the Republican Party. “I […]