Bridging the eye-care gap in Baltimore city schools

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports BALTIMORE, Md.– Pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Megan Collins took her clinic on “house calls” for the first time nearly seven years ago. Instead of examining children’s eyes and vision in the comfort of her office space, where there were ample tools for screening and private space to talk to the kids […]

Field Museum showcases health benefits of Chicago gardens

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports Among skyscrapers and industry, another landscape designs Chicago’s urban footprint: community gardens. Tucked away in many of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods, each holds its own cultural significance. Plants offer immigrants and refugees a way to maintain their cultural identity through familiar culinary and medicinal practices. Meet the people cultivating gardens and […]

Scientists applaud President Biden’s White House science team and commitment to science

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports President Joe Biden’s White House science team faces cascading crises as it takes command amid COVID-19, escalating climate change and crippling public doubts about science. But scientists across the country are confident the new administration is up to the challenge, especially under the leadership of science adviser Eric Lander, the […]

New legislation addresses long-standing Black maternal health crisis in America

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports Amid a global pandemic and a year of social unrest, a long-standing public health crisis was highlighted: racial disparities in maternal health outcomes. Black and Native American women are three to four times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than a white woman, according to the most recent […]

Dr. Richard Novak: The man behind UIC’s COVID-19 vaccine Phase III clinical trial

Novak Profile

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports As COVID-19 unraveled the world, many scientists and leaders struggled to find direction amid unprecedented uncertainty. For Dr. Richard Novak, though, the situation was all too familiar. Novak, 66, heads the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Illinois-Chicago and has led HIV clinical care and vaccine research efforts […]

The race for COVID-19 vaccines: A deep dive into Moderna’s frontrunner candidate

COVID 19 Microscope

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports COVID-19’s sudden emergence as a catastrophic global pandemic, and the absence of medical treatment, left scientists grasping for any means to meet the overwhelming demand for care. In the historic race to develop a vaccine, Moderna Therapeutic’s candidate, mRNA-1273, stands out as a frontrunner. The biotechnology company went from genetic […]

Melting glaciers on Mount Everest could threaten freshwater for millions and world economies

Comer Conference Mattas

By Shivani Majmudar Medill Reports Amid this year’s global pandemic, the world is also fighting more frequent and severe hurricanes, larger wildfires and prolonged heat waves—indicative that climate change is real and it’s happening now. “We’re at the blinking yellow light,” said Laura Mattas, a graduate research student at the University of Maine’s Climate Change […]