Spike Lee brings “Chi-raq” discussion to Evanston

By Tim Rosenberger and Valerie Lapointe Director Spike Lee did not shy away from addressing the controversy surrounding his film “Chi-Raq” at a recent screening of the film at Northwestern University. That was a good thing because his audience was vocal about the movie’s take on racism, representation of women and gun violence during the […]

Second City continues to strive for diversity with new film school

By Tim Rosenberger Chicago’s Second City has set a high bar for diverse casts for decades. So some may find it strange that the comedy powerhouse’s newest project is devoted mainly to inclusion. But in the wake of the recent debate about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, the opening of a Second City comedy film […]

Oscar ceremony doesn’t shy away from important issues

By Tim Rosenberger The big question on everybody’s lips before Sunday night’s ABC telecast of the 88th Academy Awards ceremony at LA’s Dolby Theatre was not who was going to win this or that award. It was how the biggest night for Hollywood would handle the diversity issue people have been talking about for the […]

Diversifying film not just Academy’s responsibility

By Tim Rosenberger Filmmakers may hold the ultimate power and responsibility for bringing diverse voices to the movies, but The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can still increase diversity in its own membership and predominately white Hollywood through influence and trendsetting.

Brains and blood can’t overshadow classic love story

By Tim Rosenberger You need to ask yourself one important question if you’re thinking about seeing “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” the newest film by director/writer Burr Steers that opened on Feb. 5. Do you like or even care about Jane Austen’s classic 1813 story, “Pride and Prejudice?” If your answer is a resounding “no” […]

And the Oscar goes to…New York

By Tim Rosenberger The decision to move production of the gold Oscar statuettes to New York after 34 years at Chicago manufacturing company R.S. Owens & Company was amicable, will not hurt the company’s business and R.S. Owens even helped in the transition, said Joseph Petree, R.S. Owens’s design director.

Everyone’s a critic: seven criticism tips from Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips, the lead film critic for The Chicago Tribune

By Tim Rosenberger Michael Phillips, the lead film critic for The Chicago Tribune and formerly its theater critic, sat down last Friday at Tribune Tower to discuss criticism writing with a group of Medill students. For those who want a peek into the job of a critic, Medill Reports has collected the top seven tips […]

London theater streams to Chicago

Jane Eyre

By Tim Rosenberger The lights dim, the curtains part and the eerie, gothic romance pairing the hard life of a young 19th century governess and her mysterious employer comes streaming in from the London stage to a legendary Chicago movie theater. Since 2009, National Theatre Live has broadcasted live and sometimes prerecorded plays from the […]