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Chinese festivals bring diverse students together at the Pretoria Chinese School

By Xiaozhang (Shaw) Wan
Medill Reports

The traditional Chinese drum team joins together students of diverse origins and is part of the celebration for Chinese festivals at the Pretoria Chinese School in South Africa.

As drumbeats rang in the Year of the Dog in February, the school came alive with a bang. Singing and dancing, students and staff dressed in colorful clothes to welcome the New Year.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year has been a tradition since the school was founded in 1934, when Chinese weren’t permitted into the regular schools in South Africa.

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Chinese students find love and community in the Werewolves Club

By Xiaozhang (Shaw) Wan
Medill Reports

Anqi Hu, a 27-year-old Chinese graduate student, didn’t expect to find the love of her life in the Chinese Werewolves Club at Northwestern University.

“If it were not for the club, we wouldn’t have met each other,” said Hu, in her 5th year as a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student.

Five couples have found their significant others in the club over the last year, according to Xin Xu, 26, president of the Werewolves Club and a 4th year PhD student in applied physics.

The club was officially established on the Valentine’s Day of 2017.
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Artists track 100 years of Chicago police violence to fight against it

Xiaozhang(Shaw) Wan
Medill Reports

Artworks about 100 years of Chicago police violence are on exhibition “to help people better understand what led to present circumstances,” according to the exhibition brochure.

The exhibition, “Do Not Resist: 100 Years of Chicago Police Violence,” is open through varying February dates, with different works on display at the Hairpin Arts Center, Art in These Times and etc. in Chicago. Continue reading

Women’s March draws more than 300,000 to Grant Park

By Xiaozhang(Shaw) Wan

One year after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, more than 300,000 marchers joined the second annual Women’s March in Chicago. They rallied for the votes in November to defeat Trump’s policies and called for more women candidates.

“If we don’t register to vote, register our friends and neighbors, knock on doors, support other women who run for office and run for office ourselves, we will continue to be marginalized,” said Toni Preckwinkle, one of several speakers.

A large turnout of immigrants and children participated. Launching a large voter turnout for the 2018 elections, defending women’s reproductive rights and protecting immigrants were among the priorities for marchers.

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