Loyola Prof Gets Up Close and Personal With Workplace Podcast

By Yunfei Zhao If being a boss is hard enough, the presence of social media can make it even harder, according to a Loyola University podcast that aims to coach leaders in workplace collaboration and conflict resolution. [vimeo 157460722 w=474] Communication style changes by the influence of advanced technology. Loyola University Chicago’s educator produced podcast […]

H-1B Lottery: Foreign Workers’ Strategic Path to Immigration

By Yunfei Zhao International college students fully expect to go back home when they graduate — that’s the deal — except when it’s not. That’s when things get interesting for federal immigration officials running the H-1B visa program that allows international workers to take jobs at U.S. companies. Then, the deal is those jobs can […]

College Students Weigh Pros and Cons of Majoring for Passion vs Pay

By Yunfei Zhao Anup Patel had a dilemma: Follow his passion — or the money. Like many college students looking to make the most of the investment in time and money, Patel agonized over getting it right. The Illinois Institute of Technology graduate ended up giving up his passion, chemistry, for business. “Our society rewards […]