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Running with the Windy City Bulls

By Yousef Nasser
Medill Reports

The NBA G League provides opportunities for basketball players to realize their dreams of making it to the NBA. In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, Yousef Nasser gives viewers an inside look at life in the NBA G League through the lens of the Chicago Bulls’ G League team, the Windy City Bulls.

Windy City Bulls guard Milton Doyle warms up before an NBA G League game against the Grand Rapids Drive.(Yousef Nasser/MEDILL)

How the Cubs impact Chicago high school baseball

By John Alfes
Medill Reports

From yearly scholarships to inner city leagues to Kerry Wood Cubs Field, the Cubs’ contributions to Chicago high school baseball are widespread. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers, America’s pastime takes a trip beyond the ivy walls of Wrigley Field.

Photo at top: The Lake View High School Wildcats baseball team is one of many programs that benefit from the Chicago Cubs’ contributions. (John Alfes/Medill)


Working to end the stigma: Athletes and mental health

By Kate Constable
Medill Reports

As sports fans, we often put athletes on pedestals, dehumanizing them in a sense. We think of them as strong, focused and mentally tough, which they are. But this mindset is also part of the reason that mental health issues are too often ignored in sports.

On this episode of Medill Newsmakers, we focus on the role of mental health in sports and how athletes are working to end the stigma surrounding it.

Photo at top: Will Heininger speaking at the NCAA headquarters (Will Heininger/Michigan Medicine)


Domestic violence in Chicago

By Valerie Shuang Chen
Medill Reports

Domestic Violence is five times more likely to affect women than the most prevalent communicable disease in Chicago. Last November, a high profile case refocused Chicago’s attention on this issue.

Photo at top: Help is only one call away. (Valerie Shuang Chen/MEDILL)

College athletes tackle mental health

By Max Goodman
Medill Reports

Take a moment and think about the amount of responsibilities that are on any college varsity athlete’s plate…

These student athletes have a full slate of practices, games, classes, assignments and meetings on a daily basis. Not to mention seeking out sleep, a social life, relationships, family matters and time to just relax.

On this episode of Medill Newsmakers we take a deep look at how these busy, high pressure and often overwhelming schedules impact the mental health of these young adults.

Photo at top: Kiley Jones, pitcher on the Loyola Ramblers softball team, smiles while examining the diamond. (Kiley Jones/@kileyjones00 on Instagram)

Darting Ahead: Windy City Darters hopes to help grow the game in the USA

By Tim Hackett
Medill Newsmakers

The game of darts is changing. It’s grown into a worldwide spectator sport attracting thousands of fans, and the popularity of the sport is surging in Europe and in other parts of the world. But that surge has yet to really take hold here in the United States, where professional darts is an afterthought and amateur darts is uncommon.

But there are efforts to grow this sport across the country, and some of those efforts have roots right here in Chicago. In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, we clear up some confusion about the great game of darts, and introduce you to some players who are trying to bring this game into the forefront.

Game on.

Photo at top: Mark Gillespie lines up a throw in a Windy City Darters Open League match at The Garage on a Monday night in May.

Rugby sport growing in Chicago area

Move over Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks! Make room for rugby. From Soldier Field hosting The Rugby Weekend to kids growing up with the game, Chicago is becoming a  rugby city.

Photo at top: A high-school rugby team huddling prior to walking onto the pitch for its state championship match in Berwyn, Ill. (Andre Toran/MEDILL).


The Bronzeville Incubator hopes to rekindle the community’s history of black entrepreneurship

Ebony JJ Curry
Medill Reports

Bronzeville, also known as the Black Metropolis, is a center of African-American history on Chicago’s south side. At its peak in the 1930s and  1940s, Bronzeville was a mecca of entrepreneurship and culture, creating a black renaissance that rivaled the one in Harlem.

Today,  The Bronzeville Incubator has re-introduced that history by making a hub for both up-and-coming as well as seasoned entrepreneurs to build new businesses in the neighborhood.

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