Infographic: Understanding the LGBTQ2SQIA+ acronym

The LGBT acronym can be extended to LGBTQ2SQIA+ to be more actively and intentionally inclusive of the vast variety of queer identities. (Anna Shvets)

By Sian Shin
Medill Reports

Recently in mainstream media, the queer community has most commonly been referred to as the LGBT or LGBTQ community, with some being more inclusive by extending the term to LGBTQIA. These acronyms are used to encompass the broad spectrum of identities related to gender and attraction. 

However, many queer community organizations have increasingly become intentional about using more extended acronyms to be actively inclusive of the vast variety of queer identities. 

This interactive infographic defines each letter of the LGBTQ2SQIA+ acronym. These definitions are based on the glossaries provided by Egale Canada and QMUNITY, two organizations that work to improve the lives of queer people.

Sian Shin is a social justice reporter at Medill, covering the LGBTQ2S+ community in Vancouver. You can follow her on Twitter at @sianshin.