Chicagoland musician gives hope for Veterans Day

Veterans Day Concert Meals

By Brandon Schaff Medill Reports A Barrington church that has helped served thousands of meals this year continued giving this Veterans Day, enlisting the help of a local musician to preserve the spirit of the holiday.  Cameron Edwards, known by his stage name Keys to Inspire, performed on Nov. 12 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church. While listening to the patriotic-themed music from their cars, the […]

Chinese international students struggle to return home amid the pandemic

Chinese citizens prepared to board the flight home at JFK airport in New York City

By Amy Ouyang Medill Reports Starting in March with the newly enforced flight restrictions, the entry restrictions for foreigners and Chinese citizens quickly tightened. The increasing restrictions leave many Chinese international students with no other choice but to either purchase highly expensive flight tickets to fly back home or remain abroad until the relaxation of […]

Infographic: Understanding the LGBTQ2SQIA+ acronym

By Sian Shin Medill Reports Recently in mainstream media, the queer community has most commonly been referred to as the LGBT or LGBTQ community, with some being more inclusive by extending the term to LGBTQIA. These acronyms are used to encompass the broad spectrum of identities related to gender and attraction.  However, many queer community […]

No Fans, No Problem: Wrigleyville Sports remains open during pandemic

By Madison Williams Medill Reports Wrigleyville is normally filled with Cubs fans from April to September. During this time, the Cubs shops nearby have hundreds of customers each game day. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted these local businesses since the Cubs games did not allow fans in attendance. Wrigleyville Sports, one of the most […]