Cake? Candles? Card? A dozen do’s and don’ts for handling adult birthday awkwardness.

By Sarah Berman Medill Reports Does hearing the happy birthday tune make you cringe? Do you dread seeing the number of candles on your cake increase each year? You’re not alone. Celebrating birthdays dates back to ancient times, but after turning 21, many people feel like this milestone starts becoming fretful instead of fun. Whether […]

PHOTOS: Provincetown beach brigade collects trash on Cape Cod to celebrate Earth Day

PTown Monument Beach Clean

By Fiona Skeggs Medill Reports The sound of chatter filled the air on a quiet spring morning in Provincetown, Massachusetts, as people greeted one another, donned rubber boots and distributed gloves, buckets and knives among the crowd. Gathered at the rotary on the outskirts of town on the morning of April 22, volunteers stuffed pockets […]

LISTEN: Pregnancy complicates public, private life during pandemic

Amanda Hawkins with her children

By Jane Vaughan Medill Reports During a recent Zoom interview, Madi Louis was breastfeeding her 5-month-old, Wiley, in a moment that demonstrates how the boundaries between public and private life shifted during the pandemic, especially regarding pregnancy.  Louis said it was harder to tell people her big news since she wasn’t coincidentally running into them […]

Climate change pushes precipitation — and ability to predict it — to its limits

By Sarah Anderson Medill Reports Primed by a drought that has lasted longer than the 1930s Dust Bowl, wildfires scorched over 5 million acres of land in the western United States this year. The water level of Lake Powell is dipping dangerously low amid the severe dry spell, threatening the hydroelectric power it generates. On […]

COLDEX: The search for Earth’s oldest ice and new climate solutions

By Christian Elliott Medill Reports Even summer days are cold in the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, a meteorite-strewn expanse of glacier flanked by mountains at the eastern edge of the Antarctic ice sheet near the McMurdo Station research center. Jeff Severinghaus, a paleoclimatologist at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and his colleagues at Princeton […]

Melting tropical glaciers threaten freshwater sources while sea ice melt accelerates rising oceans

By Sarah Anderson Medill Reports “Tropical glacier” —  the term sounds like an oxymoron and, due to climate change, it might become one. These bodies of ice nestle in the mountain ranges of tropical regions, providing a major source of freshwater and tourism revenue. However, studies predict most tropical glaciers will disappear within the next […]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how helpful are self-monitoring tools for mental health?

By Sarah Anderson Medill Reports  You settle into your seat on the bus and open the app with the virus icon. “Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms of COVID-19?”  You scan the list, click “no” and screenshot the green pass that appears to flash at your office front desk.  Next, you open the […]

Fermilab on the trail for a new building block of matter and quantum computing power

By Sarah Anderson and Yuliya Klochan Medill Reports Researchers transported a gigantic electromagnetic ring from Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island to Fermilab near Chicago eight years ago in the search for a new building block of matter.  While it wasn’t the secret spaceship bystanders thought it was, it did allow scientists to explore fundamental questions […]

A Wisconsin border town faces challenges with a pandemic-driven increase in Minnesota late-night guests and crime spike

People wait outside for entry into Agave Kitchen on Hudson's Second Street (Sam Stroozas/MEDILL)

By Sam Stroozas Medill Reports “I believe in it, I just don’t think it’s that bad,” said a man waiting for entry into a packed and mask-less restaurant on Second Street in Hudson, Wisconsin on a busy Friday night. There were no parking spots left, groups strutted out of vehicles quickly at red lights; mask-less […]

Queer Christian cover band reclaims church space

Queer Christian cover band reclaims church space by Caroline Love Medill Reports It started as an idea on Twitter. Now, it has 1.6 million views on TikTok. HERE’S THE PITCH: An all queer Relient K/Switchfoot cover band and we tour the country and put on shows for kids who were done wrong by their youth […]