Pop punk travels the world

Erro: American Comics
A group looks at Erró's "Wonder Woman Saga." The piece is one of 11 at Mana Contemporary in Pilsen.

by Constantina Kokenes

Superheroes, pop art and plagiarism comprise the traveling 2014-2015 exhibition “Erró: American Comics” on display at Mana Contemporary Chicago on 2233 South Throop Street in Pilsen. The exhibition hails from Mana Contemporary’s New Jersey gallery in Jersey City, and the pieces were given to Mana Contemporary from Galerie Ernst Hilger, an art museum in Austria that features many of Erró’s works. Erró, an Icelandic artist, uses American comics, pop culture and pop art in his 11 works created between 1979 to 2009 to explore cultural and social contradictions.

Mana Contemporary Chicago houses dozens of artist spaces, exhibitions and classrooms for an array of disciplines, including performance pieces, photography, film and sound.

“Erró: American Comics” will run at Mana Contemporary in Pilsen through April 30.

Photo at top: A group looks at Erró’s “Wonder Woman Saga” in the exhibition “Erró: American Comics,” which runs through April 30. (Constantina Kokenes/Medill)