Chicago residents go the distance in search of a vaccine

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By Cameron Bopp Medill Reports Mass vaccination sites are quickly beginning to open across the country, but smaller sites are struggling to provide Americans with a reliable scheduling process. Some Chicago residents are going to great lengths to help one another out in their search for a vaccine appointment. Cameron Bopp video/broadcast reporter at Medill. […]

Fight for Justice: Stories from across America

By Bre’onna Richardson Medill Reports In this June 8-15 special report, Fight for Justice: Stories from across America, Medill Reports looks at how the Black Lives Matter movement has already led to policy changes across the country and how tough battles lie ahead for healthcare workers as coronavirus cases spike in several states. From Chicago […]

Fight for justice: Stories from across America

George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Protests, White House

By Jenny Ly Medill Reports In this June 1-7 special report, Fight for Justice: Stories from across America, Medill Reports looks at how the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd on Memorial Day is sparking social change across the country. It’s a new-age of protesting during the COVID-19 era and an image for the history […]

Keeping the spirit: Religious groups adapt to COVID-19 but challenges persist

By Jake Holland Medill Reports Instead of preaching to a live crowd, replete with white-haired parishioners and toddlers wobbling up and down the nave, Pastor Ryan Kapple has found himself facing the empty pews, delivering sermons via livestream to no one in particular. High-definition cameras track and record Kapple’s every move and turn of phrase, […]

We, Not Me: An introduction to democratic socialism

By Joshua Skinner Medill Reports Socialism might simultaneously be the most feared and loved ideology in the world. The mere mention of the word conjures up visions of utopia and the most horrific crimes of the 20th century. When Americans hear the word “socialism,” it’s just as likely to convey images of famine and genocide […]

Texas legislators grapple with when to reopen state economy

By Joshua Skinner Medill Reports Coronavirus deaths in America continue to increase, but that hasn’t stopped some states from beginning to plan how to reopen their economies. Among them is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who is preparing a measured plan to reopen the state. But some state legislators believe slower isn’t better, and shutting down […]