CTA accessibility promises fall short for people with disabilities

By Raphael Hipos Medill Reports The CTA advertises that 100% of its vehicles are accessible — buses have lifts, and most rapid transit stations have elevators and other features that make traveling more convenient for people living with disabilities. In practice, however, this is not always the case. Many people in the city who are […]

CTA ‘ghost buses’ hamper commuters amid cold weather, COVID-19

By Raphael Hipos Medill Reports Eric Allix Rogers, who lives in South Shore, had to travel to Cook County Court in Markham on Jan. 24 for jury duty. Rogers had to be in the suburbs by 9 a.m., so he left his house by 6:50 a.m. He attempted to ride a No. 6 bus to […]

Chicago CTA performers bring happiness to your commute

By Nick Mantas Medill Reports When commuting on the L, we often find ourselves being serenaded by the musical artistry of some of Chicago’s musicians. Whether they’re seasoned musicians or still working on their craft, they always entertain in one way or another. The life of a performer isn’t always a pleasant one, especially in […]

CTA’s Largest Railcar Purchase Will Bring Jobs to the South Side

By Xuanyan Ouyang The Chicago Transit Authority announced an overhaul of the city’s rail cars with an historic contract of over $1.3 billion requiring the winning bidder to build a brand-new rail car assembly plant on Chicago’s South Side, creating 170 jobs. CTA awarded on Thursday the agency’s largest car purchase contract to CSR Sifang America JV, a China-based […]

CTA Proposes 20-Year Plan to Make All Railways Accessible

Red line

By Shen Wu Tan The Chicago Transit Authority announced earlier this month its proposal for a 20-year plan to make its entire rail system 100 percent accessible. According to the CTA’s website, about 70 percent of its rail systems are accessible and have ADA-compliant elevators or ramps. In collaboration with the City of Chicago, ADA, […]