Mushrooms’ names can hold the key to life or death — yours

Golden oyster mushrooms being weighed on a small scale

By Marisa Sloan Medill Reports When Dr. Attabey Rodríguez Benítez successfully defended her chemical biology dissertation at the University of Michigan, her colleagues surprised her with an unusual gift: a golden oyster mushroom growing kit. She plopped the big bag of compressed sawdust between her desk and a humidifier, spritzed it with water and nearly […]

The Cretaceous Shuffle

After almost two decades as the Field Museum's crown jewel, Sue the T-Rex is being relocated to the museum's Evolving Planet exhibit to make way for a larger dinosaur specimen.

After 17 years front-and-center, the Field Museum’s toothy crown jewel Sue is moving upstairs to make way for an even larger predator. By Adam Cohen Medill Reports Almost 67 million years after her death, the world’s most famous dinosaur named Sue is moving once again. In February, the Field Museum’s iconic Tyrannosaurus rex will be […]