Protestors and pro-second amendment activists counter Chicago-area walkouts

By Chris Kwiecinski Medill Reports As tens of thousands of Chicago-area students walked out in protest of school shootings, gun owners, conservatives and students alike found ways to make their opposing voices heard. Students stayed inside and gun owners launched counter protests to make their pro-gun stances known on a day that featured many anti-gun […]

Gun stores see rise in profits amidst post-Parkland gun legislation

By Chris Kwiecinski Medill Reports Sales in Illinois gun stores have risen in the past month, as gun owners fear their firearms will be confiscated or gun costs will rise due to potential legislative changes, gun-store owners said this week. The potential new laws stem from reaction to the Parkland shooting last month. According to […]

Speakers Call for Chicagoans to Break the Silence on Gun Control

Speakers Called for Chicagoans to Break the Silence on Gun Control

By Xinyi (Ethel) Jiang and Jinitzail Hernandez Medill Reports Politicians and 11 different community organizations came together to appeal for gun control at the Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago on Oct. 9.   The event was held as a vigil for the shooting victims in Las Vegas and as a rally against the National Rifle […]

Candidates take note, Asian-Americans care about gun control

By Colin Mo With gun control one of the hot button issues of the 2016 Presidential campaign, Asian-American voters could matter in unexpected ways. Recent studies show that Asian-Americans regard gun control as “important,” more so on average than other ethnicities. According to the Pew Research Center, the support for gun control generally surpassed the […]