Can’t stop, won’t stop: Illinois Tech athletes play multiple sports year round

By Grant Miller Illinois Tech recruited Ryan Barnes for his hoops skills. But the day before the final basketball game of the season, he played above the net, not the rim, and spiked a volleyball against Robert Morris University. “They’re done tomorrow,” head coach Katherine Zulandt said after the game. “So he’s mine for the […]

The do-it-all-guy: Illinois Tech’s young coach shoots, dunks and mentors

By Grant Miller Todd Kelly wore a red T-shirt and shorts with matching sneakers as he stepped onto the Keating Sports Center basketball court. He bent his knees, widened his arms and shuffled his feet to prevent the opposing point guard from dribbling around him. When his man passed to the corner, Kelly jumped and […]

Illinois Tech tries to get students to score both on the court and in the classroom

By Grant Miller As Illinois Tech point guard Anthony Mosley stands at the foul line ready to shoot, the Keating Sports Center falls silent. The freshman standout bounces the ball, the sound echoes throughout the gym, and no one moves except some Illinois Tech students standing in front of a sign that reads “Hawk’s Nest.” […]

Look beyond record with Illinois Tech; made great strides this year

By Grant Miller Don’t be deceived by Illinois Tech’s record. A 4-21 record might make it seem like yet another losing season for the Scarlet Hawks, but that’s not the case. In fact, opposing coaches think they will could be Division III contenders within the next couple seasons. Despite losing to UC Santa Cruz February […]