Northwestern students find stress relief in high-intensity boxing

By Selah Holland
Medill Reports

Classes. Grades. Stress. Clubs. Homework. These words probably trigger thoughts of school and, more specifically, college. Higher education is notorious for cultivating high-pressure environments, making it challenging for students to prioritize their personal well-being.

At a top school such as Northwestern University, students are often seeking ways to relieve their stress. And while physical activity has been proven to improve mood,  high-intensity workouts, such as boxing classes at TITLE Boxing Club in Evanston, deliver an extra boost.

Northwestern sophomore Rachel Philips, 20 (pictured below), warms up for a boxing class and talks about how boxing gets her to a different space.

Photo at top: Northwestern sophomore Rachel Philips, 20, wraps her hands before the boxing class begins. (Selah Holland/MEDILL)

Volunteers phone bank for Asian American civic engagement

By Shanshan Wang
Audio by Jenny G. Zhang

Rebecca Ozaki has been trying to encourage Asian Americans to vote through phone banking, which she hopes will be effective in getting them to the polls.

“Why we call is because a lot of people may not be told what difference they can have by voting in their communities,” said Ozaki, executive assistant at the Asian American Advancing Justice, Chicago. “We need to empower the Asian American community to make sure that they know how much their votes matter, and how much power they have in electing officials that make decisions for us everyday.”

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Volunteers Count Chicago’s Homeless

By Harry Huggins

Hundreds of volunteers canvased Chicago late Jan. 26 to count every person sleeping in the city’s parks and underpasses.

I drove around Chicago’s Near West Side with Dorothy Yancy, Phoebe DePree and Carolyn Hankins-Page for five hours that night as part of the annual point in time count. The survey takes place in ever major American city, and it helps the federal government decide how much money a city receives for homelessness prevention in the coming year.

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