VIDEO: The Silver Room moving urban arts and culture preservation to Hyde Park

By Beth Werge

Retail trends show that mom and pop stores are steadily disappearing. But one local store owner isn’t giving up: Instead, he’s moving to experiment in a new location.

The Silver Room is primarily a jewelry and apparel shop, but owner Eric Williams also houses an independent juice bar and mini art gallery in the space. The shop has become a commune for urban culture in Wicker Park since inception in 1997, but because of the corporate push in the village, Williams has decided to head south to Hyde Park.

the silver room smaller

But sales are certainly not the main focus for Williams. He hosts Grown Folks Stories – essentially an open mic night – every third Thursday at The Silver Room. And each summer, Williams hosts a block party, where local artists re-paint murals on the store’s outer walls.

The Silver Room will remain open in Wicker Park through this month, while the new location will open on April 3.