VIDEO: Trapeze school offers Chicagoans chance to fly

by Lukas J. Voss

If you ever wanted to fly, trapeze is probably the closest experience you can get: swinging from a 23-foot platform performing jumps, swings and flying dismounts. Afraid of flying? No problem. The Trapeze School New York Chicago has been teaching students how to handle the trapeze for the past 15 years.

The school was originally founded by Jonathon Conant and Anne and Dave Brown in New York. Now there are schools across the country including Los Angeles,Boston and Chicago. When the popular show Sex in the City built an episode around the school in New York, popularity sparked.

Today the school employs over 50 people and continues to teach beginners and advanced students the art of trapeze. In Chicago, students take flight right on the lakefront in front of Chicago´s skyline.

Photo at top: A trapeze student performs a basic swing at the Trapeze School´s Belmont Harbor outdoor rig. (Lukas Voss/Medill)