VIDEO: MMA hits its stride in Chicago and the U.S.

By Brian MacIver The spinning backfist connected and the crowd jumped. His opponent was dazed. The soon-to-be-victor continued the onslaught. He threw wide, powerful hooks at his opponent’s head as he backed him into the cage. The final seconds ticked away, the cheering grew louder and it was clear what these 100 or so people […]

VIDEO: Gretta’s Goats ready to deliver cheese

By Sara Shouhayib Gretta’s Goats Farm held an open house – first ever – in Pecatonica on Saturday to give fans of the soap a chance to learn more about where the product comes from. A big conversation circling through the open house that day focused on cheese as the farm moves to become a […]

As bird flu spreads, Illinois zoos take action

By Traci Badalucco and Christina Bucciere Illinois zoos are taking measures to protect their flocks from potential avian flu infection as the virus wipes out millions of hens across the Midwest. Illinois, which neighbors Iowa where 27 million birds have caught the virus, is on alert for signs of avian flu. That includes keeping an […]

VIDEO: Breakthrough empowers athletes to succeed with safety

Basketball Dunk

By Connor Morgan Breakthrough Urban Ministries’ Youth Network provides young people with the opportunity to explore their interests in a safe environment. One of those interests is basketball. Many kids dream of becoming professional athletes, but one group of volunteers in East Garfield Park believe that dream should come with a back-up plan.

Fans celebrate win after longest game in Blackhawks history

blackhawks reaction - longest game

By Scott Guthrie and Sam Fiske Fans who stayed up to watch the Blackhawks’ thrilling triple-overtime playoff win over Anaheim, might have had to start their Wednesday morning workday with a triple espresso. When the final horn sounded at 1:15 a.m. Chicago time, the Blackhawks had defeated the Ducks 3-2 in Game 2 of the […]

From granite to glacier: Rebuilding Antarctica’s Ice Age past

By Jia You Palisades, New York — They rest side by side on a dark bench table, two coarse linen bags labeled with big, round numbers and letters. Mike Kaplan carefully unties the bag labeled “JRI-14-33” and reaches inside. “That’s a really nice granite,” the 46-year-old geologist exclaims as soon as he sees the light […]

U.S. nonimmigrants face more risks during tax filing season

By Coral Lu Writing down the name, date of birth and amount of income, 27-year-old foreign student Trevor Tao carefully filled in the blanks of his tax form step by step. “The number, like how much I gotta pay and how much I gotta pay for the tax,” Tao said. “The thing I would be […]


Produced by: Courtney Dillard Medillcast is a weekly newscast covering events and issues in Chicago. J’nelle Agee and Joe Musso bring you this week’s top stories. The headlines include suspended service on the CTA Yellow line, the new location for Barack Obama’s presidential library and funeral arrangements for the late blues icon B.B. King.

@POTUS takes Twitter world by storm, omits @Cubs

By Hannah Beery The most famous Sox fan did the Cubs a favor this week. President Obama’s conspicuous Twitter non-follow of the team Monday has led to about 1,000 new Cubs followers and given ticket sales a boost since then, according to vice president of communications Julian Green. The Commander-in-Chief (@POTUS) cracked a few jokes […]

The Field Museum partners with Filipino-American Community

By Empriss Campbell The Field Museum opened the doors to five Filipino-American artists for a behind the scenes look at their 100-year-old collection of objects from the Philippines. The Field Museum has more than 10,000 archeological and ethnographic objects from the country. Five Chicago artists and five Philippine artists were selected to create individual art […]