Who are you wearing? NFL fans explain

By Giuliana Allegrotti
Reporting from Houston

Super Bowl LI

At NFL Experience, the hub for fan activity at Super Bowl LI in Houston, most fans roam around dressed in their favorite NFL teams’ paraphernalia. You may see t-shirts that say ‘Rise Up’ in support of the Atlanta Falcons or ‘this girl loves Tom Brady’ for the New England Patriots; hardly anyone at the George R. Martin Convention Center in downtown Houston remains neutral.

Fans also rock their favorite NFL jerseys and they’re not reserved for just the teams competing in the Super Bowl. To find out what jerseys I saw at NFL Experience and why people decide to wear, say, a Case Keenum jersey, listen here.

Photo at top: At the NFL Experience, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, fans model their favorite NFL jerseys. The group of women on the right features Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and Devonta Freeman jerseys. (Giuliana Allegrotti/MEDILL)