Boys suffer from eating disorders too

By Priyam Vora “The first time I made myself throw up was at age 14. It was a Sunday night and my family was in the living room watching television. I sat in my room with a carton of sugar-free chocolate ice cream and a spoon, shoveling every drip of the quickly melting ice cream […]

Online crowdfunding helps self-publishers make their mark in print

Fairbanks and Kallen

By Elizabeth Elving On Valentine’s Day the members of the Soon-To-Be-Pretentious Writers Club were scattered throughout the Harold Washington Library Center judging books by their covers. Once a month, the writers meet at the library, comb the shelves for books that appear compelling, and write original stories based on their selections. After a year of […]

Analysts hopeful of change under new McDonald’s Corp. CEO

By Alysha Khan McDonald’s Corp. new CEO Steve Easterbrook took office March 1 and security analysts are cautiously hopeful that he will be able to revive the struggling fast-food giant. “It’s going to take time for Steve to put his imprint on things,” said Jack Russo, senior analyst at Edward Jones. The stock currently has […]

New startup pulls Magic out of hat, analysts fear a disappearing act

By Laura Furr This past Saturday night around 11 o’clock, 27-year-old Niels van Galen came home from the gym with a craving for Asian cuisine. Van Galen wanted to make a to-go delivery order to his home in Palo Alto, California, but all delivery services in his area had stopped taking requests at 10 p.m. […]

Chicago area rents drop but save tenants little

By Stephanie Choporis Cook County residents can expect little change to median rent prices of all properties due to inflation and potential leveling off despite a recent dip in costs, according to experts. Among the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S., Zillow’s senior economist, Skylar Olsen, said Cook County, also referred to as metro […]

VIDEO: Natural hair trend builds lucrative, vibrant community

By Mariel Turner A new hair movement centered on natural and curly hair texture is growing in popularity. Many African-American women are now choosing to wear their hair in its natural state, without the use of relaxers, chemical straighteners or heat. The natural movement is driving down the sales of chemical hair treatments and building […]