DMK Restaurants grows with good food (Video)

By Emiliana Molina  Allow your taste buds to experience one of the fastest growing restaurant companies in Chicago. DMK Restaurants has nearly doubled its size every year since it opened in 2009 while America was recovering from a recession. Co-owners David Morton and Michael Kornick began the company with one employee in an attempt to […]

Chicago kicks off holiday season with the Millennium Park Christmas Tree

By Ziyuan Jasmine Cen The city kicked off the holiday season as Chicago’s Christmas tree arrived in Millennium Park on Tuesday. Snap. Snap. The tree posed for dozens of photos. Tourists filling the park said Chicago would be one of the holiday destinations that they would consider again for holiday celebrations.

Syrian jazz fusion band to play at refugee relief concert in Chicago

By Ryan Connelly Holmes The Syrian band Hewar is scheduled to play at a concert in Chicago on Saturday to benefit Syrian refugee children. All proceeds will go to Save the Children, an aid organization that focuses on children across the globe. “They’re all just amazing musicians of extraordinary caliber, so just to have that […]

GOP Debate: Candidates bicker over true conservative policies

Donald Trump in Spin Room

By Misha Euceph, Jane Hao and Jasmine M. Ellis MILWAUKEE — After four debates, Republicans found themselves back at square one. This was the case at the Nov. 11 debate hosted by Fox Business Network and the Wall Street Journal not because of the lack of a clear front-runner, but because the most heated discussion […]

Lonnieball: teamwork is money’s new best friend

Cincinnati Reds

By Nick Zazulia Lonnie Wheeler thinks sabermetrics is just great. The sportswriter and author of nine baseball books is constantly amazed by what advanced statistics can reveal about a player or team. He wants to make that clear, right up front. That said, they might just be missing something. Doesn’t it seem likely there is […]

Chicago’s waste won’t be going to waste anymore

By Alexis Myers Video by Ryan Connelly Holmes Gov. Bruce Rauner recently signed House Bill 1445 allowing biosolids from Chicago’s wastewater and sewage to be cleaned and turned into productive, marketable compost across Illinois. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, commonly known as MWRD, is responsible for creating renewable resources from its operations, and plans […]