ComEd and other energy companies call for a ‘rush to renewables.’

Downtown Chicago lit up at night

By Hannah Moulthrop The next Uber or Airbnb in your life may be your local electric utility company. Choosing how to power your home in the future could be more like selecting from your Netflix queue, with a market of energy options to choose from to meet your particular energy needs. And the reinvention is […]

The dual force of climate change on sea level rise

By Kelly Calagna Sea level rise – a direct impact of a warming climate and melting ice – threatens island nations and coastal communities across the world. [vimeo 192673914 w=640 h=360] What Causes Sea Level Rise? from Medill Reports on Vimeo. Photo and video by Kelly Calagna.

Fear and coping in Muslim America

Muslim men attend the Friday sermon on Nov. 11 at a mosque in downtown Chicago where the cleric allayed fears following the election of Donald Trump as president. (Medill/Shahzeb Ahmed)

By Muna Khan and Shahzeb Ahmed The third floor of the Downtown Islamic Center in Chicago fills quickly with men of all races and ethnicities—Arabs sit next to South Asians who sit next to African Americans. They have come for the obligatory Friday congregational prayer. Most sit cross-legged with their heads bowed in silence, listening […]

Long-awaited elected school board bill down — but not out

Photo at top: Chicagoans, including Aiyanna Allen (far right), wait outside a packed committee room to decide the fate of the elected school board bill. (Emily Olsen / MEDILL)

By Meredith Francis and Emily Olsen Lawmakers are no strangers to the waiting game, but the public is getting antsy. In a packed education committee room in the Springfield state house, parents, students and Chicago community organizers mobilized Nov. 16 to make a fundamental change to the way the nation’s third-largest school district is led — […]

Tackling global warming by exploring the ebb and flow of the ice ages

George Denton talked about how ice age melts reveal important clues regarding abrupt climate change. (Abigail Foerstner/MEDILL)

By Lakshmi Chandrasekaran “Don’t get old if you can help it,” climatologist George Denton joked at the Comer Abrupt Climate Change Conference in Wisconsin this fall. But he must have been proud. As one of the earliest and premiere veterans of climate change research, the University of Maine professor had three generations of students in […]

Vulfpeck’s Theo Katzman breezes through Evanston’s SPACE ahead of second album

Theo Katzman headlining Evanston SPACE

By Grant Rindner Ahead of the January release of his second album, Heartbreak Hits, singer and funk-rock free spirit Theo Katzman took the stage at Evanston’s SPACE this month.  Katzman plays guitar and drums in the successful band Vulfpeck and was joined onstage by bassist Joe Dart of Vulfpeck and independent singer-pianist Joey Dosik and […]

Parasites, pathogens and politics

Pneumoniae bacterium in an infected mouse lung

By Mariah Quintanilla Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States, and a popular question these past two weeks has been, “How did we get here?” While the media have done some collective soul-searching in an attempt to answer this question, one possibility that we’ve all failed to recognize is biology. Psychologists and biologists have […]

Hiding in plain sight: Chicago neighborhoods fight modern day slavery

By Duke Omara In the grand scheme of things, it was a small victory but for impoverished neighborhoods like Chicago’s Englewood, it was a triumph. After a protracted and sometimes acrimonious City Council battle in March, a bill to allow city strip clubs to sell liquor on their premises was shelved after its sponsor admitted […]