U.S. tax, healthcare changes won’t distract Monroe Capital

Monroe Capital Corp's office building lobby

By Jingnan Huo Chicago-based business development company Monroe Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: MRCC) is expected to maintain strong growth in 2017, analysts say. Policy changes in healthcare and tax breaks and intensifying competition in the business development arena will not have a heavy impact on the company’s business, nor will it affect the company’s conservative investment […]

Q&A: What is a TIF, and why is everyone talking about it?

By Derek Robertson TIF – or tax increment financing – is maybe the most sometimes-controversial, sometimes-coveted, little-understood financing tool at the City of Chicago’s disposal. It’s also potentially more important than ever to the city, with the twin threats posed by a missing state budget and a likely decrease in federal funding on the horizon. There […]

Video: Chicago folk-music school helps memory loss via music

By Grace Austin In the United States, 5.5 million people suffer from early onset Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia. Music therapy for those with memory loss has been touted by medical professionals, studies and journals as a particularly effective way to counter the effects of the debilitating disease. Studies have shown that music memory is […]

United Continental is ready to take off in 2017, but will it fly?

A United Airlines plane parks at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. (Shen Lu/MEDILL)

By Shen Lu Wall Street had hoped that United Continental Holdings Inc. would stage a turnaround in 2017 after years of merger-related problems. But higher oil prices and rising labor costs are clouding the outlook. Chicago’s hometown carrier has had poor operational and profit performance since its merger with Continental Airlines in 2010. United, once […]

Wildcat fans go out in crazy costumes to end the last game in arena

Student Colors

By Alexis Wainwright Students and fans said goodbye to one of the homes for Northwestern University’s sports on Sunday as Welsh-Ryan Arena in Evanston hosted its last game and long-planned renovations will soon begin. Part of the farewell: crazy costumes for the regular basketball season home finale. Two fans stole the show with their onesies. […]

College athletes learn to ask for help with mental health

By Astasia Williams On Jan 9, 2017, the Northwestern women’s basketball team endured a tragedy with one of their own. Jordan Hankins, a 19-year-old sophomore from Indianapolis, died by suicide. Hankins was on the pre-med fast track and a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The reasoning for Hankins’s suicide has not been made public. Her […]

Existentialism in traditional Japanese tea ceremony

By Urvashi Verma The Japanese tea ceremony, called “Chanoyu” “Sado” or “Ocha,” is a traditional ritual that dates to 9th century Japan. For both the host and guests, it is less about drinking tea and more about having an existential experience, or preserving the sanctity of the moment.

How homeless Chicago teens are using social media to communicate

By Haley Velasco Correction: The original version of this story published on March 9 incorrectly identified the makers of the Streetlight app. The app was not created by the City of Chicago. Streetlight is a joint project created and managed by the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Youth Futures and the Young Invincibles, with grant […]