Tropical glaciers are melting fast: A life cycle look at climate change

Madhurita Goswami Medill Reports Most of us associate glaciers with Antarctica or the northern ice-sheets of the Arctic and Greenland. It may come as a surprise that scientists Alice M. Doughty and Meredith Kelly are studying tropical glaciers at the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda to improve our understanding of climate change. The Rwenzori lies only […]

Glaciers as “global thermometers” show the fast pace of melting in a warming world

By Madhurita Goswami Medill Reports Glaciers across the globe behave in a synchronized manner, said geologist Thomas Lowell at the recent Comer Climate Conference, an annual national conference held in southwestern Wisconsin. Not only does he study glaciers around the world to reach this conclusion but also compared data obtained by separate dating techniques. Sounding […]

Park preservationists continue battle over Obama Center in Jackson Park

By Xinyi Zhang Medill Reports Protect Our Parks (POP) will replay a 1987 event when Hyde Park women go to Jackson Park to save trees on October 26. The preservation group will revisit the past by tying ribbons on trees that could be cut down to make way for the Obama Presidential Center, once construction […]